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I started this website in order to fulfil a need. Over the last few months, I have been impressed with the efforts of others to describe and show the Light Rail and other Mass Transit systems in their cities. These great pages have pushed me forward into creating my site. My research indicated that Calgary's contribution was limited. There are some pictures and specs, but no information like what I am going to present.

Calgary's LRT system began construction in 1978 with completion of the tracks on 7th Ave in the City Centre to Anderson Road in the South in 1981. Since that time, the Northeast line was completed to Whitehorn in 1985 and the Northwest line was completed to University in 1987 in time for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. An extension to Brentwood was completed in 1990 and the South Extension to Fish Creek-Lacombe was completed in October 2001. A further extension to Dalhousie in the Northwest was completed in December 2003. The South Extension to Somerset-Bridlewood opened on June 28, 2004, just in time for the Stampede rush. An extension to McKnight-Westwinds in the NE was opened on December 17, 2007. The NW Line was extended to Crowfoot on June 15, 2009. Another extension to the NE Line was opened on August 27, 2012 adding Martindale and Saddletowne to the network.

Construction continues on further extensions to Calgary's LRT system; Tuscany in the NW and the West LRT Line.

This is a non-commercial site and I have no connection to Calgary Transit, other than the fact that I am a daily user and captive rider. I would describe myself as a rail and transit fan who saw a need to provide more information.

I have created this site in order to create awareness in the world as to Calgary's LRT system. This site is not meant to duplicate what is contained at Calgary Transit, but to enhance and improve upon it. There are some aspects of their site which are essential such as schedules and maps that are done reasonably well. But nothing there gives the transit customer information as to the specific details of each station, their location and what they look like. In future, I will be researching and producing information on the future of Calgary's LRT system. Some plans from the 1980s are a bit old, but they give the general idea of what to expect in the decades to come.

Contact me at : info#lrtincalgary.ca (Remove the # and add a @)

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