Route: 202 Saddletowne - City Centre

Location: Saddletowne Circle NE, South of 60th St and East of 80th Ave.


Type of Station:

Centre Loading

Pedestrian At-Grade Crossings on North and South Sides of Station.

Platform Capacity: 4 LRVs


Reserved Parking Information

Distance from City Centre (City Hall Station): 15.0km

Average Weekday Ridership (2007): N/A

Connecting Bus Routes:

23Foothills Industrial
66Blackfoot Express
85Martin Crossing
17652nd Street Express
445Skyview Ranch


Station Profile.
Station Signage.
North Platform entrance.
Station and enclosed platform waiting area.
Heated on-platform shelter.
Bus stops very close to the station.
Looking towards the station from the south crossing of Saddletowne Circle.
Level crossing on Saddletowne Circle.
North crossing of Saddletowne Circle and Tail Track.
The ribbon ready to be broken by the CTrain.
Eagerly waiting for the VIP Train to arrive and break the ribbon.
The platform greeting the VIPs coming off the CTrain.
A Band entertaining the crowd. Some Bhangra or Bollywood sounds might have worked better.
Transportation GM Mac Logan.
Alberta Transportation Minister (and former Alderman) Ric McIver.
Mayor Naheed Nenshi.
Displays, activities and giveways for the community.
An SD160 S8 parked at the new station.
The "RouteAhead" bus soliciting opinions from the public on the future of Calgary Transit services.

Frequency of Service:

Weekday AM/PM Peak5 Minutes
Weekday Off Peak 9am to 3pm 10 Minutes
6pm to 10pm 10 Minutes
10pm to End of Service 15 Minutes
Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays Start of Service to 8am 15 Minutes
8am to 6pm 10 Minutes
6pm to End of Service 15 Minutes

Schedule Information:

Calgary Transit

History: Station Opened August 27, 2012. Terminal Station of the NE Line.

Communities Served: Saddle Ridge, Martindale, Taradale

Trip Generators: Residential, Commercial

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